"Traveling - it leaves you speechless,
then turns you into a story teller." 
-Ibn Battuta

About Beau


Adventurous storytelling
with a side of education
and inspiration.

Beau Basinger is a published outdoor travel and lifestyle photographer/filmmaker known on Instagram as @beaubasinger.

He was born and raised in sunny San Diego, surfing the coast and hiking the trails. His love and appreciation for adventurous travel expanded when he decided to sell off material possessions and book a flight overseas to Australia alone. That bit of courage flourished into something that would change him and the people he meets forever.

Fast forward to today, h
e still gets way too excited when packing his bags, chasing lizards and watching the stars. 


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Commercial work

My goal is to align with brands on the same mission by creating engaging, awe-inspiring photos and video.

The pictures are absolutely incredible. They're exactly what we were looking for in terms of set-up, quality, and visual storytelling. We're really, really pleased.

Lawson Hammock

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TravelChair Big Kahuna_2022 (8).jpg

"We are truly thrilled having the new digital assets for our chairs. The shots came out really fantastic and hit the marks we were looking for. 


First and foremost, thank you so much for these incredible shots! Our entire office has been buzzing with excitement over these. Your present great composition in a wide variety of situations that will be applicable to so many of our needs."



"I feel like you are a permanent part
of the brand and did an awesome job.
Thank you for going above and beyond."

Royal Robbins

Time seems to have pass so quickly .
The best way I've found to "slow down time" is to simply
fill my days with more of the things that matter.
This way when I look back there's much more smile about.


Content Creation:
Beau works with world renowned travel brands to create eye catching social-first content for their marketing campaigns, including web, social and print platforms.

With each collaboration comes an opportunity to bring your audience closer to your product experience. Engaging photo and video will always be the meat and potatoes of any project. First, lets discuss your brands story and message to the world.

Have an editorial project in mind? Lovely. Let's talk about how we can get the message across to your readers.


I've carefully chosen a limited set of prints available below.
If you would like a custom piece please get in touch so I can make it happen for you.
Thank you for your shared love and respect of the beauty in this world.

My heart belongs outdoors.
If you need to check a pulse, you can find it on Instagram or contact me HERE