Here I will share updates and resources regarding the adventure rig I am building.

After a long run with a Toyota Tacoma I have moved onto building a Ford Econoline E350. My truck broke down 40 miles outside of Las Vegas, NV while I was on my way to a backpacking adventure in Idaho. I parked my truck in a secure place, rented a vehicle and continued the journey. While I was backpacking through the back country I decided I would be purchasing a new vehicle rather than spending the large sum just to repair the truck.

Now it's time to build out my dream vehicle to take the adventures to another level! Stay tuned as I will organize this page better, take you along the build, plus give tips and tricks on how you can do the same if you choose to.

Here is a list or materials I'm working with to complete the conversion
Reflectix Insulation
Rooftop fan