Danger or a dream come true?

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Often the most challenging times become the most rewarding.

A break in the storm.

“Thank God you showed up! I've been lost and hoping to see someone for the last 2 hours.”

With over 50 kph winds and a surprise snow storm... this particular trek through some back country was definitely worth it. Here's where I decided to set up a base camp. Nearby were trees to block some of the wind plus water to refill and treat my supply. Then to top it off was this view from my tent. 🤓

Having the right gear (a collection I tagged in the photo) to keep myself safe was without a doubt one main reasons I didn't get lost or SOL in the mountains. I just so happened to help a girl TWICE when she was lost, whom I only met briefly in the parking lot for a few minutes. The second time was in the middle of the storm. Her voice was so faint through the howling wind I almost missed her.

Mother nature is no joke. While the views are amazing, make sure you prepare for about anything. Aside from that... go out and have some fun! The world is beautiful and should be appreciated. Remember to leave without a trace.

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