Going all in when there's resistance.

It's amazing what happens when you look at obstacles as opportunities. The plan was to backpack 2 weeks through Idaho with a friend when my pickup truck broke down 40 miles outside of Las Vegas, NV. This was day one! It would've been a different story if I had any clue my truck was going to have a freak mechanical issue. I'm defining "freak" here as something uncommon. Mechanics said what happened couldn't have been foreseen. I cared for this truck as it should be. It just hit 200k miles and for a Toyota Tacoma this seems a bit uncommon. It would cost about what the vehicle is worth just to fix. So, within a few hours I decided that would be the end of one long chapter and a start to a new, more exciting one. A chapter I've been wanting to write the last year. After sleeping in my truck on so many adventures I knew the next step was a custom adventure vehicle. So, I bought a van. I bought a 2008 Ford E350 Extended Body. I won't go into all the vehicle details and plans yet. First on the list though is to cut the roof off and install a fixed hightop. One thing I knew I wanted was a place to stand when it's raining or snowing outside. Having no place to cook, stretch or work, like in my small pickup, was inconvenient to be brief. After a while I hated having to lie down to put on my clothes. Anyway. Back to the story. Instead of turning around to deal with the issue at hand we found a safe place to park my truck, rented a vehicle for the next 2 weeks and headed off for Idaho. The plans were still altered however there were so many connections and great experiences I can't help but think this was the result of being adaptable and going all in. This idea is simple yet powerful. We could discuss context and real life situations all day. Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to share personal stories where you can relate. The way I look at it, I now have the opportunity to go further and add another creative element to my photography. I can bring people along more adventures and highlight the outdoor community in a way I didn't know how before. I want to empower others to adventure more and keep the spirit alive. I'll post a photo below from one of our campsites. If you'd like to see more photos and videos from the trip follow along on Instagram here: @BeauBasinger Until then, keep the adventures alive!

1st photo before the transformation begins.

We called this place home.

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