If there's one thing I'll miss most about Hawaii...

It's the warm water! I just returned home after 2 months on the Big Island and Maui and this picture resonates with me the most. When I travel there are either beautiful landscapes, nice hotels, fine dining, off the grid camping, fun resorts, adventure activities or about any other type of experience you can think of. If I had to make a choice of one experience to have the most of it would have to be associated around the ocean. It's the one true place I feel at home. When I'm under the water nothing else matters except for me to remain calm so I can hold my breath and stay a while longer. I think everyone should find a place like this. It does something for the soul. I think we're generally anxious creatures always wondering what's next. The ocean is the one place I'm truly content. I would love to talk and hear if some of you have found a place like this for yourselves. If so, where? How did you find it? Do you visit often?

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